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Made by Various

A BUNCH of random comics... all worth reading.

From spoofs of video games to unique stories and characters, if there is not something at Fireball20xl you like, then good luck ever finding something you'll like.



Made by RyanMC

Join the combined worlds of Sonic and Megaman in a fight against Doctor Ivo Robotnik and Doctor Albert Wily, the 2.E.S

I first read this comic before Ryan moved over to SmackJeeves. He already had an archive in excess of 700 strips at the time. All stripes have even been remade as they had been transferred over.

Made by RyanMC

Follow Nack, Samus and Duo as the join up to fight against the Space Pirates with the help of the Chrono Trigger cast.

Originally part of 2.E.S, this story arc was separated from the main archive. Again, all stripes where remade and improved.

Made by RyanMC

Roll's own adventure as she steps into the spotlight and becomes MEGA GIRL.

Originally a fanfic made by Ryan he turned it into a sprite comic some time ago but decided not to continue. Now it's back and improved to make it better then ever.




Made by MayCat

Amy is tricked into entering the Mushroom Kingdom by Tails, now they must go through Mario style.

MayCat's scripting and plot is very well thought out and one of the first SmackJeeves comics I've read.



Made by Enkida

Follow the party of Vincent, Yuffie and Nanaki as they join up to enter into the depths of the Northern Crater.

A hand drawn comic that has shown alot of 'Growth', the artist behind this has improved and continues to do so. A great story and is carries a Vincent/Yuffie theme to it.



Made by Bonemasher

Random comics based on either people from Fainte or just mocking what we all know, love and hate from video games... and life.

Bonemasher was one of the first to follow me in making web comics for Fainte forums.



Made by NowaterJace

Jace made this comic, like Bonemasher and myself, for Fainte.

Made by NowaterJace

A new story from Jace. what is going to happen? I don't know... yet!